Hunger Games Movie Review

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be reviewing the movie The Hunger Games. Before I start, let me tell you that I am a complete Hunger Games fangirl and love it to death, so bear with me if I start fangirling all over the place. Also, there may be major spoilers in here, so I’ll include a break.

Also, I don’t watch very many movies, so you won’t see very many of these movie reviews. Just so you know.

First of all, this movie is rated PG-13, so of course, get your parents’ permission before watching it.

hunger games cover.png

Here’s the cover. I got it from the library, so I censored a part that says which library is. I don’t need stalkers to be after me!


See, it’s rated PG-13 for “intense violence”, so if you’re squeamish, I wouldn’t watch this movie. Also, it’s categorized as “action”.

hunger games back.png

Just the back of the movie. Nothing special.

hunger games disk.png

And the two discs. I haven’t watched the second one yet, but it’s mostly just behind-the-scenes stuff.

Anyways…. this movie was AMAZING!

The only thing about it for me was the slightly shaky camera. I know at this point I’m just being picky, and what else should I expect from an extreme fight to the death, but still… I would have liked a slightly steadier film.

Other than that, I loved it! Oh, but Madge wasn’t even a part of the first movie! Katniss got her Mockingjay pin from someone else! Grr…

Honestly, in the books I felt Rue wasn’t my favorite character, but I absolutely LOVED her in the movie! I seriously wished she could have stayed longer.

By now I’m just rambling. My overall rating of the movie is a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pretty well made, mostly true to the story, etc.

Thanks for reading, guys!


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