My Pets

If you guys read my about page, you’ll know that I love animals. My family and I love them so much, we have 3 pets. I love them with all of my heart. They are AWESOME!

First of all, we have Suki.


Suki is the cat I picked out for the family. He’s an American Bobtail (you can’t tell by the picture, but his tail is a stub), but his tail has grown considerably since we’ve adopted him. He’s currently 4 years old (his birthday is May 17) and livelier than ever. He is a feisty one, and likes to nibble at people’s fingers, toes, and any other unprotected skin. He can spook our dog more than our dog can spook him, and he’s generally awesome.


Here’s a picture that shows off his stubbly tail, featuring my mom’s lone sandal.

Next up, we have Lucy.


Lucy is the cat my sister picked out for the family. She’s a tabby cat, but I don’t know what breed she is exactly. She is also currently 4 years old, as she and Suki are littermates. She is more timid than Suki, until she warms up to you. When she hears the doorbell ring, she will dash off to hide in my parents’ room, under the bed, or in the closet, or somewhere where no one will find her. But once she warms up to you, or if you’re staying overnight, she will let you pet her and love her. She is also a LOT more vocal than Suki. If she wants attention, or is hungry, or just wants to say “hello”, she will meow at you, loudly.


She’s adorable, isn’t she?

And last, but certainly not least, we have Lizzie.


Lizzie is the dog my mom picked out for the family. She’s a Beagle, and has a great sense of smell (meaning that she has to be wearing a leash at all times or she will take off running after smells). She is currently 4 years old (her birthday is August 1). She is a crazy lunatic! Food is her only motivation, but she also loves to take walks because it means more smells! My mom tries to run around our neighborhood with her every day, so that she and Lizzie can get some exercise. Other than eating and walking, Lizzie can be found sleeping, chewing up her blankets, playing outside, and eating some more. She is afraid of driving and the ocean, so we’re never able to take her to the beach wih us, which is sad. But she’s a sweet dog nevertheless.


An old picture showcasing the lazy lumps that Lizzie and I are.

So yeah! Those are my pets! I hope you enjoyed learning about them and their awesomeness.