Rainbow Swirly Tree

So today, I went to my best friends’ house. Sorry, I didn’t get any pictures, but we basically played Webkinz and American Girl the whole time, and talked about school and Percy Jackson.

But we also did an art project. A “rainbow swirly tree”. See, my friends’ mom is very artsy-craftsy-like, so when my sister and I go over, we often come home with new art. Not usually good art, but art nevertheless.

So I am revealing my uselessness at art by showing you a picture of the finished result. Here goes nothing…


No, that’s not your imagination. My artwork and skills are just that bad.

It was supposed to be a beautiful sunset with a tree silhouetted by the setting sun, but no. Mine turned into a… a blob. Of disgustingly blended colors.

But enough insulting my revolting artwork. If you want to make a rainbow swirly tree for yourself, the link’s here. Knock yourselves out.

Later! I should be doing homework right now, but instead I’m holed up in my room showing you guys my disgusting artwork.